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Become Catholic (RCIA)

Welcome to the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)!

If you are interested in becoming Catholic or are Catholic and want to be confirmed, this is the place! Many people from a variety of backgrounds are becoming Catholic every year. Some people are attracted by the teachings and steadfastness of the truth and morals. For some it is the prayers and spiritual life that they love. Yet others, it is the witness of other Catholics such as the sisters, Saint Vincent DePaul, Catholic Charities or simply the people they know.

RCIA is the process by which you can become a fully practicing Catholic. RCIA involves going to classes once a week to receive the teachings of the Catholic Church, going to Mass on Sundays and various ceremonies, culminating in the reception of the sacraments on the Easter Vigil night. There is no fee. 

Here at St Joseph and St Mary Parishes, we meet on Sundays from 12:30pm to 2pm while the priest of the parishes gives the teachings. Questions are always welcome. The RCIA program starts in September every year and ends about four weeks after Easter. Here is the RCIA Schedule 2019-2020 for this year.  If you are late coming in the season, we can plan some make-up classes. Do not be afraid to call to see what can be done. The meetings are held in Deleiden Hall under the offices at St. Joseph Parish.

To join the RCIA process, you must Register to one of the parishes (Registration English Form or Registration Spanish Form) and fill out the R.C.I.A. REGISTRATION FORM and start to attend classes.

It is expected that you would attend Mass every week and holy days of obligation along with the classes. There are some special events that are mandatory to attend (see the RCIA Schedule 2019-2020 for details).

Click here to find out more about the Sacraments.

Click here to go to the Diocese of Rockford web site to learn more about RCIA.

  1. RCIA Schedule 2019-2020
  3. Parish Registration English FormParish Registration Spanish Form

3 thoughts on “Become Catholic (RCIA)

  1. Pingback: Interested in Becoming Catholic? | St Joseph and St Mary Parishes in Freeport, IL

    • Normally it might be too late. We may be able to accept you, particularly if you grew up catholic, yet never got confirmed. But this year we are working on changing our yearly schedule. Inquirers may come at any time to get their feet a little wet. There is a lot to know and get used to. If the person wants to take the plunge and become catholic, they may join the candidates.

  2. Is it too late to register for RCIA? My name is Matthew Jonas Wainman, phone # 491 864 4626.

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