St Joseph and St Mary Parishes in Freeport, IL

What's new for St Joseph and St Mary Parishes!


Phone # 815-232-8271

Fax # 815- 235-4690


St Joseph Parish address:

229 W. Washington Place

Freeport, IL 61032

St Mary Parish Address:

704 S State St

Freeport, IL 61032

Holy Family Community Center Address:

725 S. State St

Freeport, IL 61032

Mailing address for all of the above:

229 W. Washington Place

Freeport, IL 61032


Fr Timothy Barr; Pastor

Fr Diego Ospina; Priest for the Hispanic Community

Barbara Fogel: Secretary

Nancy Lehman: Bookeeper

Ann Peters; DRE

Catholic Schools

Aquin Elementary 815-232-6416

Aquin High School 815-235-3154

Aquin Web Site:

7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Wow ! Just watched Father Barr’s sermon on Planned Parenthood and Eugenics on the net. He was reading excerpts from some report he was holding. Anyway, i really liked the way he presented it. Great job ! Should be spread around a lot more.

  2. I think the Catholic Church better think twice about posting articles such as “Pedophile Used Planned Parenthood for an Abortion to Cover Up Raping a 12-Year-Old.” The Catholic Church has covered up pedophile priests for years, experts have labeled it as an epidemic. Cardinal Law of Boston resigned after being caught covering up 269 sexual abuse cases in Boston and is now hidden away in Rome living very comfortably. Hypocrisy at it’s best.

    • The Church is always open to dialogue. We are open to talking about the crusades and the inquisition too. In fact, the Church does not hide it. We hear this all the time so there is no real threat; it’s already well known. What the bishops did was wrong. It is truly wicked. So is what Planned Parenthood doing. The Church has made efforts to correct the situation. I could give you some links if you would like. But if we should not sweep this wickedness under the carpet, then Planned Parenthood should not either. It would be the epitome of hypocrisy if one would accuse the Church of such an evil (and rightfully so), but to use that as a means to silence and even worse abuse of this case.

  3. When and where do I drop off my presents for my “mitten” person in the nursing home?

  4. Does the parish have normal office hours? if so, at what building and times.

    Thank you.
    Kevin Malley

    • Yes. the hours are 8am till 3:30pm on Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays 8am till noon. The office is located next door to the St Jospeh Church, (the big white one with the clocks on the bell tower). As you are looking at the church from the outside in the front, the building is to the right (connected by a breezeway). use the door closest to the street. You can come in the foyer area and knock on the door. Unfortunately, we have to keep the door locked. God Bless you!

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