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The Bible: Isaiah

The Book of Isaiah is the longest of the books of the Prophets. This book of the Bible has 66 chapters. It was written addressing the late eighth century BC. During that time came the fall of the northern part of the Holy Land known as Israel. The southern region which contained Jerusalem was known as Judah. This time is divided into three, according to the kings, Jotham (742-735), Ahaz (735-715) and Hezekiah (715-687). Continue reading

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Rest Easy Coach

Sometimes you just can’t find the words.
565990944e6aaea211d40308d4e98b41But others have. And have done so very eloquently.

We bring you this tribute to Coach Jeff Curry from those who knew him so very well. The love and compassion he instilled in those around him will never be forgotten.

And many thanks to Linda Stykel for capturing–and sharing–these priceless images.

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The Bible: Wisdom Books

The Books of Wisdom are in a class by themselves. They introduce to us the way God thinks. But we do have to be careful not to interpret what God is saying the wrong way. Some words seem harsh, so we may think God is literally meaning something harsh. There are lots of tidbits that are useful in getting through hard times. They are not necessarily easy to understand. Here is some background for you. It might help you understand a little more. We do have a cd set on the Psalms by Dr. Bergsma in the Daleiden room under the St Joseph rectory. In fact, there are lots of materials that might be helpful in the Daleiden Room. Continue reading

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The Bible: Maccabees and Job

The first and second books of Maccabees were originally written as one book, but the Church decided to divide them into two, to make things easier to remember. That happened long before chapter or verse numbers were put into the Bible. The events that took place were during the reign of the Greeks. It is also one of the books that were taken out of the Jewish tradition after the time of Jesus. Continue reading

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XII Domingo tiempo ordinario ciclo A 2017

“Una caña que piensa”: Este es el hombre por definición de Blas Pascal. Pero quien escuche nuestras quejas ha de cambiar irremediablemente el texto: “Una caña que tiembla”. Tal es el bagaje de temores que llevamos almacenados en nuestra alforja. Quizás el hombre de las cavernas estrenó su miedo alguna noche tempestuosa, cuando no pudo interpretar los terribles ruidos de la selva. Quiso enseguida eliminar sus temores, se confesó valiente ante sí mismo. Pero a la mañana siguiente comprobó que tener miedo era algo suyo, imprescindible como sus propias extremidades. De ahí en adelante evaluamos nuestra racionalidad y también catalogamos nuestra madurez, sobre la escala de miedos que nos asedian. Continue reading