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Genesis to Jesus Bible Study During Lent

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology is offering a FREE video Bible Study this coming Lent 2019 titled: Genesis to Jesus!
This program usually is not offered free, and it originates from St. Paul University Steubenville with Dr. Scott Hahn and multiple theologians. This study presents the whole sweep of salvation history, and helps you make sense of the Bible, literally.

If you have internet, you may register by contacting and have it streamed into your homes.

We will also be studying and discussing Genesis to Jesus during our Saturday morning bible study beginning on March 2 at 10:30am in the Holy Family Community Center. This will be led by Fr. Barr and Joanie Williams. Please feel free to join us as we journey through Lent together.

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What is Love?

Listen to all three. Each Homily has the same base information, but was persented differently as there is so much to talk about on this issue. Still, there is more about love tha what is presented here.

Saturday 4pm Mass:

Sunday 8am Mass:

Sunday 10:30 Mass: 

There is an appropriate way in which God wants us to share His love for each other, based on the nature of our relationships. Mothers are to love their children in a way that is appropriate for mothers to love their chidren. Priests need to love their people in a way that is appropriate to the way God calls them to love, with chastity. Their is an appropriate way in which men are called to love men. Men are indeed called to love each other; God demands it! But this love is called to be chaste and ccording to God’s plan. … Continue reading

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St Joseph Library Books

Don’t forget to make use of the St Joseph library at the back of the church. With cold weather coming and the possibility of being stranded at home, it is always nice to have a good book to fill the winter hours. There are also children’s books that can be used during Mass. Baptism

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Life: It is the Primary Right Before All Other Rights

Last Friday was the 45th annual March for Life. I love going as often as I can. There are many reasons why. First, because I love standing up for those who have no voice. Before these babies can even cry with their voice, they have been killed. By taking their lives, their say in abortion is muted. Over 60 million babies have been aborted in the US alone since the fateful decision of Roe v. Wade. The irony of this court hearing is that Jane Roe never even wanted an abortion, and in fact never did get the abortion. I encourage you to look up her story. In fact, later in life, “Jane Roe,” who is Norma McCorvey, became a very strong advocate to end abortion. Even more interesting is that Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who has been quoted as finding many deaths from illegal abortions, admitted that he made up those numbers of “coat-hanger” abortions. So the science behind abortion proves to be false and allowed in court. Yet at the same time during the court hearings, the science of sonograms was not allowed; true science was thrown out of court, while falsified information was allowed in. It seems that this still goes on today in the news and colleges.
This brings me to another point. What a beautiful day it was! Not because of the good weather, which did help. It was seeing all of the teens and young adults singing and sharing the love. The March for Life is not a Catholic event, but those who attend are predominantly Catholic. It is thoroughly a Catholic environment, as it was meant to be. Everybody cares for each other. There are no hateful words to each other, except for pro-abortion advocates that come and get nasty. People are helping others in restaurants, hotels, and at the Basilica. We hear conversion stories, stories of suffering, sin and grace. We all rejoice in God’s goodness and mercy. We pray a lot and shout out, “we love babies, yes we do!” It is an event filled with love, joy, and always willing the good for the other. Every time I go it is that way. Jesus is surely there.
But when we think of life, it comes before all other rights. If I am not alive, I cannot eat, I cannot have any possessions, I cannot speak, and I cannot even have an opinion in this world. It is the primary right that comes before I can even obtain any other right. That is why the right to life is of the first concern in the eyes of the church. That is why it should be the first concern in politics, government, and morals. That is why murder is so bad. That is why Church law says that anybody who partakes of abortion is excommunicated by the very act of doing it. Life is the primary right before all other rights.