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The Bible: The Background of The New Testament

All of the Old Testament is a preparation for the coming of Jesus. From the time of Adam and Eve, God has His plan in mind. Humanity falls quickly into every sin imaginable, but God intervenes for humanity by speaking to them and offering a relationship with them, despite their sins. God chooses to love His servants and show them His ways. He protects Noah from the flood. He enters into a deeper covenant with Abraham. Though Abraham muddles through the mud of sin, God still does not leave him. He gives the Ten Commandments in Moses’ time. The people of God fall away in the following centuries while God calls them back through judges, kings and prophets. God was patient with His people then, as He is today. It takes millennia to prepare the people for the Savior. Even then, we humans have hard heads. It continues today, even though Jesus came two thousand years ago. Jesus came at the optimum time to save souls. Continue reading

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Domingo XXIX tiempo ordinario ciclo A 2017

Que Cristo fue una persona espiritual, y los cristianos debemos ser personas espirituales, ninguno de nosotros lo duda; lo de que debamos ser mundanos ya puede necesitar alguna explicación. Pero, si entendemos por mundanos personas que vivimos en el mundo y debemos vivir preocupados y comprometidos con el mundo, parece igualmente evidente. Lo demás es escapismo y renuncia a nuestra condición de seres humanos, que implica ser seres sociales, que vivimos en sociedad. Como el tema es muy amplio y no se puede explicar aquí, ni en una ni en diez homilías, me voy a limitar a citar unas frases del Papa Francisco, en su exhortación apostólica “Evangelii Gaudium”. Sobre la obligación de actuar como seres sociales dice el Papa: la evangelización abarca “todos los aspectos de la vida humana, de manera que “la misión del anuncio de la Buena Noticia de Jesucristo tiene una destinación universal. Su mandato de caridad abraza todas las dimensiones de la existencia, todas las personas, todos los ambientes de la convivencia y todos los pueblos. Nada de lo humano le puede resultar extraño” (Documento de Aparecida). La verdadera esperanza, que busca el Reino escatológico, siempre genera historia” (Número 180). Y sobre la política y los políticos dice: “La política, tan denigrada, tiene una altísima vocación, es una de las formas más preciosas de la caridad, porque busca el bien común. Tenemos que convencernos de que la caridad no es sólo el principio de las micro-relaciones, como en las amistades, la familia, el pequeño grupo, sino también las macro-relaciones, como las relaciones sociales, económicas y políticas” (número 205). En fin, conocida es la frase del Papa, cuando nos dice que <la salida de sí hacia el hermano> es uno de los dos mandamientos principales que fundan toda norma moral (número 179). Cumplamos, pues, religiosamente, con todas nuestras obligaciones sociales, económicas y políticas, dando al César lo que es del César, y hagámoslo amando a Dios sobre todas las cosas y al prójimo como a nosotros mismos, dando a Dios lo que es de Dios. Continue reading

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Thanks for the Help at the Food Bank Truck

I want to thank all who came out on a rainy day to assist with the Northern Illinois Mobile Food Pantry. Thank You: Jan Ackerman, Kim Alber, Jane Barnes, Heather Dailey, Don Davis, Tom Dearth, Ruth Geary, Joe Ginger, Marietta, Kristine and John Guenther, Karen Hildebrandt, Charles Koppi, Jan Krieger, Diane Lloyd, Betty McKenna, Sharon Miller, Carol Mullens, Donna Nevenhoven, Jane O’Connor, Mark Rapp, Ann Sauer, Ron and Roberta Schradermeier, Frank and Sandy Steiner, Gale and Gerry Turner, Pat Weigel, and Sue Witt.
There were 127 individuals who received free groceries, which fed 330 family members. Through the generosity of many individuals, St Vincent de Paul was able to sponsor three food trucks this year. The number of household members who benefited from the free groceries was 1,300. In addition, 560 meals were provided through the Aryl Dailey Free Community Lunch Program. We are extremely grateful to all who provide funds, donate their time and/or provide necessary supplies and materials. You have touched many lives within our community! God’s Blessing to all of you! Mary Koppi, Society of St Vincent de Paul

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Cd of the week: The Rosary

Praying the Rosary Like Never Before (This Lighthouse cd can be found on the cd rack)
Dr. Edward Sri is a nationally sought Catholic speaker who appears regularly on EWTN, and is a founding leader of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students). In this discussion of his book “The New Rosary in Scripture: Biblical Insights on Praying the Twenty Mysteries” (Servant Books), Dr. Sri shares John Paul II’s practical strategies for praying the Rosary better, so that you can encounter Jesus more deeply in prayer.
Parishioner Comments
Awesome! Dr. Sri covers this subject in depth. I’ll need to listen to it two or three times to find all the golden nuggets hidden in this talk. Richard – Simi Valley, CA The rosary is all about Jesus… from now on, ‘praying’ the Rosary will be much more than ‘reciting’ the Rosary! Jane, Kansas City, MO

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Democrats’ New Bill Would Overturn Trump Order and Force Christians to Pay for Abortion Drugs

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), along with 35 of her Democratic colleagues in the Senate, introduced a bill Thursday that would repeal the Trump Administration’s recent broadening of exemptions from the Obamacare contraceptive mandate for employers with religious and moral objections.
The “Protect Access to Birth Control Act” is brief, stating that the religious and moral exemptions “shall have no force or effect, and shall be treated as though such rules had never taken effect.” …

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Diocesan Mission Appeal

This weekend is the Diocesan Mission Appeal. You should have received an envelope in the mail. If you are not able to bring your donation this weekend, you can still drop it in the collection basket next weekend, or donate online at THANK YOU for your generosity to our missions in the United States, the Church in Latin America, the Propagation of the Faith, the Diocesan Priests’ Pension, and Catholic Elementary School Financial Support. May God richly bless you!