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Trust in God, Not Men

Trusting in humanity only sets us up for disappointments. How hard it is to keep promises either out of lack of respect or because of circumstances that are out of our control. ON top of that, we may have our plans, but did we consult God? Reminding ourselves that God has to put up with others just as much as we do. So every time i sin, i am conflating God’s will. Now imagine this; He has to put up with this in every person on earth. Just because an evil happens, it does not mean it is God’s will. God Himself also has to deal with it. He also suffers from it. Yet He allows it because He is patient with us all equally.

So many people will leave the Church because “so and so” did some evil. But what does that have to do with the fact that Jesus is God and loves you? How does so and sos actions disprove that Jesus died on the cross for us? Who is it we are trusting in, Man or God? Are we not all sinners? So why deny yourself God’s grace because of “so and so”? That would be illogical and hurtful only to yourself. 

God made us promises that would only be fulfilled in the next life (Gospel reading). Until then, we have to put up with each other and pray that those who harm us may fully change their lives and realize God’s plan for themselves.IN this process we must remind ourselves that though we may have to put u with each other, God has to put up with us. But even then, He does so much more, He died for us.

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The Symbolism in St Joseph Church #4

God sheds his grace upon us in many colors, symbolized in the colors we see when the sun shines through the windows. Real stained glass is getting more and more rare. Real stained glass is actually what it says it is, glass that is stained, or has the color in the glass. The more modern “stained glass” may have a backdrop color in the glass, but then they spray paint on top of it to give it its shading effect. This allows for more detail in making images in a time where the true art of making the windows is almost all lost. Look closely at the stained glass in any old church. It is nearly impossible to have the same glass replaced.
In the old days the glass was stained by hand, making it very difficult to match. Even the same piece of glass may have different parts of it with different intensities of that color. Stained glass can vary in thickness, giving it a different look as well. Consistency was very hard to keep in stained glass. When we look at this stained glass, we see the uniformity and consistency of all the glass. In fact, we can see it in the very building. Continue reading

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VI domingo del tiempo ordinario ciclo C 2019

La fe en Cristo resucitado nos da paz, alegría interior y confianza en su presencia permanente entre nosotros. La fe cristiana nace del corazón, pero corre el peligro de transformarse en religión de ritos. Los judíos “religiosos” quieren imponer la circuncisión. La Iglesia está amenazada de quedarse en los medios, los ritos, y olvidarse de lo fundamental, la interioridad de la fe. También nosotros corremos el riesgo de confundir las tradiciones con la verdad, de afirmar como eterno e inmutable lo que es fruto de una época, de hacer apología de nuestra fe con una filosofía ya superada, de imponer cargas y obligaciones que alejan de lo fundamental, de sostener que viene de Dios lo que viene del hombre. El Espíritu nos ayudará a no quedarnos en lo superficial para llegar a identificarnos con el Padre que nos ama, viene a nuestra vida y hace morada en nosotros. El Papa Francisco constantemente nos hace una llamada a recuperar la frescura del evangelio, a valorar lo esencial en el seguimiento de Jesucristo. Continue reading

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Having Faith Should Not Be Held Against Us

By Bishop David J. Malloy
We live in a time in which it is no secret that faith is being challenged by the ideology of secularism.

Public, especially governmental, support for religion and faith has diminished. In fact, a case can be made that there is even opposition to faith that is growing in circles of our government and our public discourse.

This anti-religious sentiment presents a particular and, in some ways, purifying challenge to every believer. In the past, the practice of religion was taken for granted; it was even fashionable. Everyone did it.

There was a common recognition that even if there were creedal and religious differences, the practice of religion makes us better, as a nation and as individuals. …