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Domingo de la sagrada familia Jesús, María y José ciclo A 2019

Si San José no hubiera actuado por amor y con amor, habría repudiado a María antes de que el ángel le hablara en sueños. El amor de José a María se manifestó en forma de respeto, porque la amaba; en actitud de comprensión y generosidad, porque la amaba; en renunciar a su primer impulso de vanidad y orgullo herido, porque la amaba. Continue reading

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Symbolism in the Church #37

S1290020The next image is the chalice with the cross in the back. It matches the one on the other side that has already been described. The chalice symbolizes the Blood of Christ in the Eucharist and the cross reaffirms the sacrifice that was made so that Jesus in the Eucharist is made available to us today. Continue reading

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Holy Day of Obligation January 1

This Wednesday is a holy day of obligation. It is the feast day of Holy Mary, Mother of God. The Mass times are as follows.

  • New years Eve 4pm Mass in St Joseph Church
  • New Years Day 8am Mass in St Mary Church
  • New Years Day 10:30am Mass in St Jospeh Church

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Pro Life Corner

Baby Feet Pro-LifeHerod massacred the Holy Innocents because he feared that one of those weak, helpless, innocent children might be the Christ. Herod’s was the fear of a tyrant totally consumed with ambition and evil. Today we have our own modern day Herod: ‘abortion on demand.’ Now we have countless numbers of Holy Innocents each and every day.