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Bible: Romans #12

Paul makes what seems to be an odd comparison with the law of God and the laws of marriage. Again, there is a logic to Paul’s thinking that is different than how we would think or make a comparison.
He starts off writing about how a woman is bound by the law to remain chaste with other men because of the laws of marriage, but when her husband dies, she is free to be courted by another man. While she is married, she is bound by the laws of marriage to remain faithful, but when ‘death do us part’ comes along, as is implicated in the vows of marriage, the law is no longer imposed on her. (So her husband is now dead to her, for he in fact is dead physically) In a similar way, when we die to sin, sin becomes dead to us. Since sin is now dead and we no longer have to obey the laws of sin, we are now free to live for God. When we are baptized, that is the moment in our lives when we are supposed to live our life for Jesus. The old life of sin is symbolized in the husband that died and Jesus is the new husband for whom we are now living. This is what is supposed to happen, but many times we want the old husband back, preferring the one who is bad for us and forsaking the good husband who is Jesus. Sin should be dead to us, not even a desire. Continue reading

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Domingo XXV Tiempo Ordinario ciclo B 2018

Jesucristo fue el Justo por excelencia, y tuvo que hacer frente a las tentaciones del mundo. Eso era algo que no podían entender sus discípulos: si Dios le había elegido como su Mesías, tendría que darle la fuerza, el poder y la majestad propia del Mesías, tal como lo habían anunciado desde antiguo las Escrituras. Pero lo que Jesús de Nazaret quería que entendieran sus discípulos era que él, después de la resurrección, sería un Mesías triunfante, pero que antes tenía que ser un Mesías sufriente y tendría que sufrir los tormentos de la Pasión. Todas las personas justas que ha habido sobre este planeta tierra han tenido que sufrir en esta vida su propia pasión, antes de entrar, a través de la resurrección, en la gloria del cielo. Esto es lo que quería Jesús que entendieran sus discípulos y esto es lo que tenemos que entender y aceptar todos los que queremos ser discípulos de Cristo. El mundo, el demonio y la carne, nos tientan día y noche, y día y noche tenemos que luchar contra las tentaciones, si queremos mantenernos en la justicia y en la santidad a la que Dios nos llama. Las tentaciones de la vanidad, de las ansias de poder, de goces materiales, del egoísmo en general, las tenemos todos en mayor o menor medida a la largo de la vida. Si queremos vivir como personas justas, luchemos todos los días con firmeza contra las tentaciones del mundo. Continue reading

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Our Lady of Fatima Coming Soon

Having Our Lady of Fatima Statue coming here to Freeport is such a blessing! Many graces come with this statue. But what does it mean?
First of all, we have to make it clear that this statue is not what we are worshipping, nor do we worship Mary. When you take a step back and see what the purpose of Our Lady appearing in Fatima was, we find Our Lady is offended because people are no longer worshipping Jesus or following His ways. Sacrilege was a whole way of life. Atheism, with anti-religion thought, was causing so much war, death and persecutions in society, Our Lord Jesus sent Mary to save the souls who were on the verge of Hell. When we look at this fact, we see that Mary is truly leading people to her Son Jesus. She has in her heart the heart of her Son. She illustrates for us that she is really alive – that we are not talking to the dead, but the living (Mk 12:27). Our Lady came as a warning to souls who reject Jesus or are lukewarm to Him. Continue reading