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Special Tank You from the Madonna Renewal Center

Gratitude for Baby Shower for the Blue Nuns
We are sincerely grateful to the Marian Society for organizing the Baby Shower for the Madonna Renewal Center. The beautiful gifts of different baby items to serve this Mission meant so much to us. The items will go a long way to help the guests and their infants to settle in. Thank you for reaching out in love for the UNBORN. God bless you.
Gratitude from IHM Sisters – Blue Nuns
Our Heart is full of gratitude to our Parish Community of St.Joseph-St Mary Freeport. The Blue Nuns and all the MRC Family appreciate all your love and support. Thank you for your encouragement and patience for the past four years. Your participation in our events, deserts provided, individual donations, volunteered time, and the beautiful flowers delivered to us for the OPEN HOUSE EVENT on Saturday, June 23, made our day and added color to our event. We are also grateful to the couple who sponsored our first Come and See event in 2014. Your support, the visit of Bishop David Malloy, the weather, the turn-out made the day a huge success. We thank our pastor, Fr. Timothy Barr, for his prayers, presence and skills used on the project. God bless you all.

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St. Mary – St. Joseph Religious Education 2018-2019

Registration for Religious Education has started. Forms were mailed to families already in the program, and can also be picked up during office hours from the St. Joseph – St. Mary Parish Office Monday through Friday. Please submit completed forms along with payment and REMEMBER, FOR CHILDREN WHO ARE PREPARING FOR CONFIRMATION AND FIRST HOLY COMMUNION, THE REQUIREMENT IS A MINIMUM OF 2 YEARS. ALSO, WE MUST HAVE A COPY OF YOUR BAPTISM CERTIFICATE. Continue reading

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Bible: Romans #1

The letters of the New Testament are not put in chronological order. The Letter to the Romans was written by Paul much later in his life and ministries. It was one of the last letters he wrote. His teaching is much more developed than most of his writings. It is believed to have been written between the years 56 and 58. He was on his way to Rome as a prisoner. Reading up on Paul’s time coming to Rome and while he is in Rome, Paul seems to have plans to get out to Spain to evangelize there, though there is no evidence that he actually made it to Spain. Continue reading

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XII Domingo Tiempo Ordinario Ciclo B 2018

Al celebrar la natividad de San Juan Bautista, coincidiendo con el solsticio de verano, la Iglesia quiere subrayar la trascendencia del “Precursor” en la preparación del “camino de Señor”. El evangelio de Lucas que hoy se proclama comienza con la expresión “se cumplió el tiempo”. Nos recuerda que esta realidad no solamente sorprende a Isabel embarazada, sino que revela también algo del proyecto de Dios. En el evangelio Jesús habla del cumplimiento de los tiempos, especialmente en evangelio el de Juan. Dos de estos momentos son las bodas de Caná y la agonía en la cruz, donde Jesús proclama que “todo está cumplido”. En el cumplimiento de los tiempos Jesús inaugura una era de salvación. El nacimiento de Juan Bautista estrena este tiempo de salvación. Él, de hecho, a la llegada del Mesías, se alegra y salta de gozo en el vientre de Isabel su madre. Continue reading