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Bible, Acts of the Apostles 13

Chapter 17 begins with Paul getting to Thessalonica. I find it interesting the argument against Christianity is that the Apostles and early Christians were against women and their rights – that somehow they were suppressing women. Yet in verse 4 a great number of “prominent women” were converting. Not only were there many women, but they specifically say that they were prominent women who converted. Because they were prominent, these women were educated and had a sense of independence. It makes me think about what could have made these women take notice of the Christian faith. What would make independent women think about believing in Jesus and joining the Church? Perhaps they never felt suppressed. In fact, at that time, the Faith in Jesus honored women.
Women in the church were treated as equals and understood to be equals. But equality may not be the same as the agenda driven critics of the Catholic Church. Today, many with agendas may think equality as the same, so in order for there to be equality between men and women, they must be the same. But when you look at the definition of “equals,” you will not find the idea of “same.” Rather, equal refers to value, not same. So women and men are in fact different. That is why many think men are from Mars and women are from Venus. How men and women think is very different, but they both have the same value. Both are necessary for the betterment of society. There are so many people with so many gifts. Continue reading

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Domingo V de Pascua ciclo B 2018

La viña que no se poda, se ahoga y termina por no dar buen fruto, sólo agrazones. Así nos pasa a las personas humanas: si no podamos nuestros brotes malos, nuestras malas inclinaciones, y si no resistimos con valentía las muchas tentaciones que nos da la vida, terminamos convertidos en personas espiritualmente secas, en simples esclavos de nuestras pasiones. Tenemos que podarnos corporalmente, en la comida y en la bebida, en el ejercicio y en el descanso, y tenemos que podarnos psicológica y espiritualmente, en pensamientos, palabras y obras. Somos sarmientos de la cepa que es Cristo y si no podamos todo lo que sea incompatible con Cristo, nos secamos espiritualmente y terminamos alejados de Dios. Para poder vivir en comunión con Cristo necesitamos purificar diariamente nuestro interior y comportarnos exteriormente de tal manera que nuestro comportamiento sea parecido al comportamiento de Cristo, salvando, naturalmente, las muchas distancias personales, de tiempo y espacio, que inevitablemente existirán siempre entre nosotros y Cristo. Podar, en este caso, significa lo mismo que purificar y sabemos que toda nuestra vida ha de ser un ejercicio continuado de purificación, porque venimos ya a este mundo con inclinaciones y tendencias originalmente malas y pecaminosas. En el evangelio se nos dice que intentemos ser perfectos como nuestro Padre celestial es perfecto, y sin un ejercicio continuado de poda y purificación, nunca podremos acercarnos a este ideal, porque no podremos dar fruto abundante de buenas obras. Continue reading

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FORMED now Available for our Parishioners

FORMED is a Catholic Service that lets you view many catholic books, audios, Movies and various studies about the Catholic faith. They contain video studies about each of the sacraments, the bible and various Catholic Teachings. Now we have many movies about the saints and audios to listen to on your way to work. Can’t get to bed at night? We have many books you can read about the faith or if you just simply need a source of inspiration, FORMED has it for you.

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The Agonizing Case of Alfie Evans

E. Christian Brugger
Editor’s Note: This is the first article in a new Register series called “Difficult Moral Questions.” Readers are invited to send questions to, putting “Difficult Moral Questions” in the subject line. Please identify your first name (or, if you prefer, a suitable pseudonym) and the state you live in (and country, if not the United States).

QUESTION: Concerning the Alfie Evans case, I have heard three terms used somewhat loosely: 1) People on both sides have spoken about Alfie’s “best interests.” 2) Opponents of care have said that continued treatment would imply “therapeutic obstinacy.” 3) Others have claimed that further care would constitute “overzealous treatment.” How do these terms apply to Alfie’s case?

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Stubenville Youth Conference

St. Paul here we come! We’re heading back to Minnesota this year for the Steubenville Youth Conference, being held from July 27-29. This conference is open to grades 9-12.
Steubenville is a fun-filled, energetic, and life-changing weekend getaway filled with Mass, speakers, and Adoration. It’s a weekend you won’t want to miss!
For more information, contact Gabby at 815-277-9722, or email her at