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Saint Vincent De Paul Almsgiving

Lent Almsgiving This Lent our almsgiving offering will be given to the Society of St Vincent de Paul. You will find envelopes in the pews with a St Vincent de Paul label. According to custom, you are asked to make a sacrifice of eating one small meal in place of a large one and place the difference of the cost in your almsgiving offering. Please return your offering by Easter. The Society of St Vincent de Paul operates with the generosity of YOU. Thank you for your generosity. 

This is a separate collection from the Hope for Haitians on Holy Thursday.

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Blood Drive

 A great way to begin our Holy week observances. Jesus so willingly shed his blood for us, will you do the same for our community? The Rock River Valley Blood Mobile will be parked in the back of St Joseph Church on Wednesday, March 28, from 2:00pm-7:00pm. Sign- up sheets are in the back of the church, however, walk-ins are welcome! Please call Colleen at 815-275-6378 with any questions.

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There will be a four-night parish mission at St. Mary beginning Friday, March 16, from 6:30-8:30pm. Topics will be: (1) Prayer (2) Mass (3) Passion Talk/Confession (4) Adoration and Healing. These topics are based on Fr. Larry Richards’ DVDs. Please mark it on your calendars. More information will be forthcoming and posted in the Church Bulletin. Please plan on joining us for these inspiring evenings!

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Bible: Acts of the Apostles 11

Chapter 16 is where Paul meets Timothy who later gets ordained a bishop by Paul (2 Tm 1:6). Paul starts with a town called Derbe. It is close to his old stomping grounds where he grew up (Tarsus). It is on the northeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea. He gradually goes west and ends up in Macedonia, which is in the northwest part of Greece. Continue reading

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Domingo IV de Cuaresma ciclo B 2018

Dios es amor y salva por amor. Dios padre envió a su Hijo al mundo para salvar al mundo, no para condenarlo, porque es un Dios amor. Creer en Cristo supone creer en un Dios amor, en un Dios que quiere salvar, no condenar. Naturalmente, esto no quiere decir que todos estemos salvados, independientemente de las obras que hagamos. Para que Dios pueda salvarnos, nosotros debemos creer en el Dios amor y, guiados por la luz de este Dios amor, hacer obras de amor. Es el mismo Cristo el que nos dice que, si detestamos la luz y nuestras obras son malas, Dios no podrá salvarnos, porque serán nuestras malas obras las que nos condenen. Creer en Cristo es dejarse guiar por su luz, es decir tratar de vivir como él vivió, haciendo obras buenas, obras de amor. La vida de un cristiano será verdaderamente cristiana si hace obras buenas, obras de amor. Donde no hay amor no hay cristianismo y donde hay auténtico amor hay auténtico cristianismo. Creer en Cristo no es una simple afirmación teórica, es un compromiso de vida, un propósito continuo de vivir dirigidos por la luz de Cristo, de vivir en el amor de Cristo, practicando obras de amor. Y ya sabemos que el amor de Cristo se verifica en el amor al prójimo, porque si decimos que amamos a Dios, pero no amamos al prójimo, somos unos mentirosos. Continue reading