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Smile Ministry

Smile Ministry The Smile Ministry names are in the back of the church. Please take a name and send a Valentine’s Day greeting!
Do you know someone who can’t get out and needs a smile sent their way to brighten their day? Ask them if they would like to have their name put on our Smile list. They will be sent a greeting at each holiday throughout the year. Call the office to add a name to our list.

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Want to Learn More About the Bible?

 PaulOf course you do!! We all do!! A Ten Lesson Audio Bible Study Course on the Gospel of Matthew from St. Paul Center will be led by Fr. Timothy J. Barr on Saturdays from 10:30am until noon at the Holy Family Community Center. Continue reading

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Bible: Acts of the Apostles 5

Chapter Ten of the Acts of the Apostles has something very different happening. A centurion is being called by God. Before then, He called mostly Jews. He was a man named Cornelius, a Roman centurion. A couple of times the Bible refers to him as being “God fearing”. This is a lay man’s title for those who are not Jewish, but honor the Jewish religion. They pray to god and even are known to give substantial contributions for the Temple or the Jewish community. Peter is called to go and evangelize him and his household. Peter is instructed to eat profaned meat (v12-14). Peter first refuses because of the type of meat that is set out in his vision. But God has him come to Cornelius’ house and eat. Continue reading

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IV domingo del tiempo ordinario ciclo B 2018

Se quedaron asombrados de su doctrina porque no enseñaba como los escribas, sino con autoridad… Este enseñar con autoridad es nuevo. Hasta a los espíritus inmundos les manda y obedecen. En los evangelios podemos leer más de una vez que Jesús mandó a sus discípulos a ir por el mundo predicando la Buena Noticia y curando a los enfermos. Y nosotros, los cristianos, debemos pensar también esto: que Jesús nos manda no sólo a enseñar con palabras, sino en muchos casos a curar las enfermedades de las personas. La palabra “curar” no debemos entenderla solamente aplicada a la sanación de enfermedades físicas, sino a la curación de cualquier clase de enfermedades, tanto físicas, como psicológicas, o espirituales. A todos los cristianos nos manda Jesús enseñar y curar. Cada uno de nosotros debemos acercarnos a cualquier persona que sufre e intentar aliviar, o curar, su sufrimiento. Los cristianos tenemos la obligación de intentar imitar a Jesús “que pasó por el mundo haciendo el bien y curando a los poseídos por el diablo”, es decir, a todos los que padecían alguna enfermedad, de cualquier clase que fuera. Una nota distintiva de cualquier cristiano debe ser la misericordia y la compasión. La teoría, el dogma, es importante y distintiva de los cristianos, pero es más importante la misericordia y la compasión hacia el prójimo. El mandamiento nuevo no es predicar doctrina, sino amar al prójimo como Cristo nos amó a nosotros. Prediquemos y curemos, si de verdad queremos ser buenos discípulos de Jesús. Continue reading

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 One hundred twenty-five meals were provided on Saturday, January 20. We are so grateful to the volunteers who help set up and clean up, who help prep and serve the meals, and who deliver meals to the homeless and homebound. We would not be able to offer the quality of food if it were not for the generous donations of Cub Foods and the members of St Joseph and St Mary churches. If we do have any food left, which is very seldom, we donate it to the Sleezer Home for Youth. Your service and donations of food, clothing, and toiletries make a difference in so many lives in our community. God Bless all of you and we ask that you continue to pray for those we serve. ~The Society of St Vincent de Paul.