St Joseph and St Mary Parishes in Freeport, IL

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Mass Times Change

The Mass times change for the Saturday evening Masses will go into effect as of January 20th. The Saturday evening Mass will be at 4pm In St Joseph Church on and after January 20th.

There will no longer be an 8am Mass on Wednesdays in St Mary Church. There is a 9:30am Mass in the Sacred Heart Chapel of Presence Care Center on Wednesdays. All Parishioners are invited to attend.

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Domingo de la Sagrada Familia

Hay quien dice que la familia está en crisis. Contemplamos cómo muchos matrimonios se separan y se olvidan del compromiso adquirido. El hombre de hoy parece que no entiende muy bien lo del compromiso para toda la vida. El matrimonio es como una planta que hay que cuidar. El fallo está en no cuidarlo día a día, con los pequeños detalles y con la dedicación de quien sabe que es su mayor tesoro. Continue reading

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Prayer for our Priests and Religious

We have so much to be grateful for; our family, friends and our parish. Jesus has been so generous to have given us many priests and religious to help us as we grew to become the people we are today. Now is our time to pray for them and for new men and women to join the ranks of such holy people to continue to be an inspiration to us and our families. We will begin a Novena for Holy Vocations on Friday, December 29, ending on January 7, the Feast Day of the Epiphany. On that day, we will begin to pray for Holy Vocations at the end of every Mass.