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Fr. Barr’s Recipe for Heaven

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Fr. Barr’s Recipe for Heaven

The not-so-secret way to Heaven is all spelled out here in this video. But if you one of those types who want to collect the ingredients before you use them, here they are, all eight items mentioned:
#1 – First and foremost – Obey the Ten Commandments;
#2 – Be reconciled with God through (a) DAILY examination of conscience; and (b) MONTHLY confession;
#3 – Pray a lot – prayers known by heart – prayers that you make up on the fly
#4 – Be reconciled with friends, family, and – yes – even your enemies
#5 – Receive anointing sacrament from a priest – this could be before surgery or any major medical procedure, but especially as you are approaching your last days on earth
#6 – Gain plenary indulgences (see Catechism of the Catholic Church at 1471)
#7 – “Offer it up” offering your suffering (big and small) to God as a sacrifice with a specific intention
#8 – Remember: Heaven is a gift and TRUST that God wants to give it to you!

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