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RE Confessions this Saturday

9028THE-DIVINE-MERCY-JESUS-APPEARING-TO-SAINT-FAUSTINA-ON-FEB-22-1931Confessions for the Religious Education (RE) children is this Saturday at 10:30am in St Mary church. Parents are welcome to go to confession. What a great way to teach your children the importance of this great sacrament.
I encourage parents to share with your children the benefits you receive from going to confession.

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Living the Moral Life 44

              The nature of mortal sins takes us outside of a relationship with Jesus. We cast ourselves out of that relationship. God has given us the boundaries by which we live by giving us the Ten Commandments, Holy Mother Church and Sacred Tradition. If we step out of those boundaries, then we choose against God who is “the way” (Jn 14:6 & Jn 15:10). Continue reading

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Holy Hour and Healing Servce

This is the First Friday of the month. We will have the Holy Hour and Healing service in St Joseph Church at 4:30pm instead of the normal 5pm time. All are welcome and join us in adoration. You need not be Catholic to adore our Lord Jesus. This holy hour focuses especially on those who may need physical, spiritual or emotion healing. If a person cannot attend, another person may stand in their place and ask for the healing of that person.

After the Holy Hour we will meditate on the Stations of the Cross at 5:30pm.

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God Is Patient, But Our Conversion Is Urgent, Says Pope

God is ever patient with us, awaiting our conversion up to the last moment, says Pope Francis, but our conversion is urgent and must get started today. …

God Is Patient, But Our Conversion Is Urgent, Says Pope

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Los Frutos de la cuaresma

Descubrir nuestra vocación no es sencillo. Nace de la escucha de Dios que nos habla a través de su Palabra y de otros signos. Algunas personas en las cuales esta palabra se vive progresivamente, después de un largo caminar. Moisés es, un ejemplo de una vocación de este estilo. Sólo después de muchas experiencias llega por fin a comprender qué es lo que quiere Dios de él. Abraham, desde el principio, tiene claro el objetivo de su llamada. Continue reading