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Pope Asks Exorcists to Manifest Church’s Love for Those Persecuted by Devil

Rome, October 30, 2014 ( | 666 hits

Pope Francis is asking exorcists to manifest the love of the Church for those “suffering due to the work of the Evil One.”

The Pope said this in a message to Father Francesco Bamonte, the director of the International Association of Exorcists (AIE). About 300 exorcists attended a course last weekend in Rome. …

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Long Awaited Tour of the Madonna Renewal Center

The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ, are pleased to present a brief tour of the building which will house the Madonna Renewal Center. Some of the restoration has been completed already; for example, the roof has been replaced and the grounds have been restored to their beauty. While much has been accomplished, there is still much work to be done. See and hear where the Sisters currently are in their project.

The Sisters are building a website for the Madonna Renewal Center. The site is currently under construction, but in the near future you can get up to date information on the progress of the restoration at:

Sister Mary Theonilla Chuckwa

To donate to this worthy cause, please contact:

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Pope: New Union Forms ‘Totally Destructive’, Limit Grandeur of Matrimony

Vatican City, October 28, 2014 ( Staff Reporter | 827 hits

In the absence so far of a full transcript of Pope Francis’ comments to the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement on Saturday, which he gave in Spanish, we produce below a translated summary by Vatican Radio’s Italian edition which contains extensive excerpts of the Holy Father’s remarks:

Can everything be called a family? How many families are divided, how many marriages are broken, how much relativism there is in the concept of the Sacrament of Marriage. At present, from a sociological point of view and from the point of view of human values, as well as, in fact, of the Catholic Sacrament, of the Christian Sacrament, there is a crisis of the family, a crisis because it is hit from all sides and left very wounded!”

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Pope: Marriage Is Under Attack Now More Than Ever Before

Vatican City, October 27, 2014

While acknowledging the never-before-seen challenges Christian families are facing, Pope Francis still offered hope by reminding faithful that the Church is always, regardless of difficulties, being internally renewed.

During a Saturday audience with more than 7,000 pilgrims belonging to the Schoenstatt Movement, the Holy Father admitted the “Christian family and marriage are under great attack” due to growing relativism over the concept of marriage. But, …

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Putting Life on Ice

Rome, October 26, 2014

The latest company benefit, subsidising female employees to freeze their eggs so they don’t have to interrupt their careers, has drawn widespread criticism.

Recent news reports said that Facebook has already started to offer up to $20,000 to help cover the cost of freezing eggs and that Apple will soon start a similar scheme.

Paying women to delay pregnancy might seem to be a positive move, but, …