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The Pedagogy of Humility

Paris,      August 30, 2013  Monsignor Francesco Follo

Religious rule not etiquette    

 The liturgy of the Roman Rite in the first reading taken from the book of Sirach presents a paternal recommendation: we should make ours an attitude of attention and docility, a disciples’ attitude in front of the One that speaks to us like a father. We not only will recognize in him a wise man, but also will trust his advice given with paternal concern. Clemency makes man loved (v. 17), humility opens him to  the gifts from God(v.18) and puts him in front of God and of His power( v.20) because it allocates him to his designated place and makes of him a witness of God and of His grace. …

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Pope Francis: ‘Go Against the Current of this Civilization’

Vatican City,      August 29, 2013

Yesterday afternoon, Pope Francis met with over 500 youth from the Italian diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio who were on a Year of Faith pilgrimage in Rome reflecting on the theme of “Upon this Rock.”

 Delivering an unprepared address, the Holy Father admitted to the youth that he met with them out of “selfishness”. “Do you know why? Because I like being with you!” the Pope exclaimed. …

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Prayer intentions

With the consent of the person or family member we will list those people in our parish that need our prayers in the bulletin and in the Prayers of the Faithful. The intention will be kept on for four weeks (longer if you notify us). Again, with the privacy laws we MUST have permission from immediate family or the person. You must let the parish office know, we will NOT take names from members on the prayer tree. The prayer tree is a separate identity.


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Why I am A Young, Black Woman Who is Proudly Pro-Life on Abortion

by Christina Martin | Washington, DC

In high school I dreamed I’d be like Oprah. When I got a career, I imagined it’d be something cool like a talk show host. In college I embraced reality and thought a teacher might be a wiser choice. When I envisioned my future, I never thought I’d spend eight years of my life as a pro-life activist. Trust me when I say that wasn’t on my radar.

I didn’t spring forth from a conservative family. My parents didn’t take me to a clinic protests to hold signs of aborted fetuses. They divorced when I was too young to remember. I spent my childhood years split between mom and dad, living in Connecticut and California. I was loved and well-fed, and I found a refuge in books. As for politics, we didn’t discuss it. My parents voted, but it wasn’t dinner conversation. I came to the conclusion that blacks choose Democrats, and that’s that. I still can’t name one family member who votes Republican. …