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The Pope Declares The Year of Faith

                Pope Benedict has recently declared a year of Faith starting October 11, 2012 and concludes on November 24, 2013. October 11 also so happens to be the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of the Second Vatican Council. This is not by accident. Bishop Malloy, upon realizing this, has personally asked the priests of our diocese to give talks and teachings on Vatican II.  Continue reading

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President Obama: An Opponent Of Catholicism?

By Msgr. Eric Barr

Step with me into the area of controversy and consider the provocative question of whether President Barak Obama is an opponent of Catholicism and its values. As our government bent upwards and sideways last week to appease the darkness that is radical Islam, apologizing and even going wobbly on the issue of free speech, I thought a bit about how the president and his government is treating Catholics and their views. Continue reading

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God’s Law is Not Limiting, But Freeing

By Bishop David J. Malloy

As we look around the world and even within the Church herself in these days, there seem to be many reasons to have doubts about the future.

The economy just doesn’t seem to be improving and people begin to ask themselves if our current levels of debt and unemployment represent the new normal.

The advancing secularism of our time combined with the governmental and societal pressures against the Church and her freedom leave many to wonder if we are not fighting a losing battle.

And among the faithful we still encounter squabbles and dissent against our Catholic faith, as well as concerns about leadership and administration…. Continue reading